The Future of Tile Design

Custom Builder - January/February, 1998

Custom Builder - The Future of Tile Design


Recognizing the availability of waterjet cutting, handmade and custom painted tile can give custom builders an edge when trying to put signature detail on a home.



When we met for breakfast with Harri Aalto of Creative Edge Corp. a few weeks ago, we gave the company co-owner and resident artist a challenge: Create a custom tile design for Custom Builder-using his much-touted waterjet cutting technology-for possible inclusion as the frontispiece of our special tile report.

We filed the idea away, until our deadline loomed. At the last minute, we called Harri’s office.

"A box just went out by red tag UPS, his assistant told us. "You should have it tomorrow morning."

Needless to say, Harri delivered on his promise, and we think the result, shown at right, speaks for itself. By combining Harri's fine art with computer-controlled waterjet technology that can cut through virtually any substance, Creative Edge () crafted an elegant cover design from brass, steel, limestone, tile and exotic marble. Custom tile design doesn't get any more tailor-made than this.


National and international experts describe a growing market for tile in the home, and what that interest means to custom builders.