Waterjet-Cut Marble Offers Luxury Underfoot at the Las Vegas Hilton

By Ron Treister

Designing with Tile & Stone - Fall, 1995

The Suite Life

Reminiscent of a Venetian palazzo, the North Villa Suite at the Las Vegas Hilton features a 14"-wide band of waterjet-cut marble which echoes the border of an unusually shaped wool rug. More than 1,000 pieces of stone from more than 50 slabs of marble and onyx were utilized to fashion this leaf-scroll motif. Photography by Studio SW-Ben Zimmerman.

To fabricate the intricate Venetian leaf-scroll motif, the firm of Creative Edge Corporation of Fairfield, Iowa, was contacted by Catello Tile and Marble of Las Vegas (who installed the tile in all three suites) to turn Conversano's fantasy into a reality. "Accomplishing this task was a challenge," recalls Creative Edge president Jim Belilove.

Waterjet-cut marble at the Las Vegas Hilton - Continued

Las Vegas is a city unlike any other, a place where fortunes can be won or lost any day of the week, where dreams are realized or dashed at the tumble of a pair of dice. Illuminated by the glitter of neon by night and the hot desert sun by day, fantasy abounds everywhere one turns. An Egyptian pyramid, a medieval castle, a Roman palace, pirate ships-even the yellow brick road of Oz fame can be found in Las Vegas. To live a fantasy lifestyle while visiting here can be easily arranged if Lady Luck happens to be on your side (not to mention having a line of credit that extends into the millions). For the lucky few, the interior design firm of Henry Conversano and Associates of Oakland, California, has created a palatial setting for one of the three new "high roller" suites found in the Las Vegas Hilton hotel that conjures up the splendor of old Venetian palazzi.

Found on the 30th floor (added onto the existing hotel especially for these suites), the 12,500-square-foot North Villa Suite (gratis to those who drop a cool million or two in the casino downstairs) is extraordinary in its ornate use of materials. Floors of 12" x 12" and 18" x 18" honey onyx field tile glisten with polished surfaces. Crystal and gilt chandeliers hang from oval-coffered ceilings with their hand-painted mythical scenes. The fireplace surround is a rococo fantasy that looks out onto a seating arrangement consisting of plush, red silk velvet armchairs and sofas whose golden silk fabric makes for sumptuous lounging.

The seating group rests upon an unusually shaped carpet custom-designed by Henry Conversano whose curved borders are echoed with a 14"-wide band of waterjet-cut marble in an 18' x 35' oval, the design of which was also created by Conversano.