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Introduce yourselves to the company that introduced upscale waterjet work to your industry.

Dimensional Stone, April 1996

Jim BeliloveIt takes more than a visionary artist however, to run a successful company. It takes a solid businessman. That's where partner Jim Belilove steps in, Born in San Francisco, Jim received his MBA at Harvard University prior to embarking on a successful career of building computer-controlled production machines, When Jim joined up with Harri six years ago, Creative Edge had a single waterjet machine. Today, with 15 state of the art machines running seven days a week, working around the clock, Jim's vision of being the primary waterjet source on earth has more than been reached.

"We don't just want to be the biggest," he states, "we want to be the best."

Apparently this is true also, with regular, customers such as Disney, Radisson, Florsheim, Hilton and many others, Creative Edge Corp. is constantly called on to provide waterjet expertise for the most demanding and seemingly impossible jobs,

"Creative Edge is the best," says major-league tile and stone contactor Larry Rheinschmidt, Jr. "When we want waterjet work, we know the company to contact."

And now, so do you. So, call (800) 394-8145 and ask for Jim or Harri. You won't be patched through some impersonal voice-mail prompt, and they won't hide behind an assistant who screens their calls, Jim and Harri are accessible. They're good guys with whom to talk. Most importantly, they want to provide you with the best waterjet service in the world. Visit Creative Edge at ITSE at Booth No. 1053 and introduce yourself to the people who introduced upscale waterjet work to your industry.■

Creative Edge Corporation, 601 S. 23rd St., Fairfield, IA 52556; ; fax: 641-472-2848

Certainly the most amazing phenomenon that has taken root in the stone and tile industries within the last few years is the emergence of waterjet technology, The waterjet allows designers to become better designers and to use ancient materials in new ways to create designs that previously were thought impossible.

Waterjet gives stone and tile marketing people more offerings for their customers and allows both stone and ceramic tile manufacturers to bring new and innovative standard sizes and shapes to the marketplace. The International Tile & Stone Exposition is an opportunity for stone and tile industry members to meet and get acquainted with Creative Edge Corporation . . . the world's leading waterjet fabrication service,

Creative Edge is busy, Busy delivering the finest waterjet work on this planet to customers everywhere on time and within budget. With a staff of 55 and a commitment to quality nonpareil, regardless if the project is large or small, Creative Edge has reached its industry leadership role for many, many reasons. Two of these reasons are Jim Belilove and Harri Aalto.

Harri AaltoMany of you have read about Harri Aalto already, A fine artist, Harri was born in Finland and then grew up in Toronto prior to a 20-yeat time span when he lived and worked in eight different countries, creating masterpiece quality paintings and sculpture. He even was commissioned for a number of months in the Philippines by deposed president Ferdinand Marcos (No, he didn't paint shoes). Harri is the one person most responsible for introducing the world to the most advanced ways to combine different materials such as natural stone, ceramic tile, glass, plastic, wood and metals together via the wonders of waterjet.