There Are Reasons Why Creative Edge Corporation Is The 

World's Leading Waterjet Source

Dimensional Stone, April 4, 1998

Floor Medallion

Creative Edge Corporation is the world leader in waterjet design and fabrication. With 15 state-of-the-art waterjet machines working around the clock, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, operated by three shifts of waterjet pros, CEC has the size and experience to handle the most difficult projects using natural stone, ceramic tile and other hard-surface materials.■

Using waterjet technology, any design using virtually any hard-to-cut material can be conceived. Designs have no limits... except perhaps that of the designer's imagination.

The entire entryway pictured here was designed, waterjet-cut and fabricated by Creative Edge Corporation. Using a variety of natural stones as inlays as well as field tile, CEC crafted an entryway that transcends what is normally seen in floor design.

Via waterjet technology, homes can now have floors and walls clad in various materials including natural stone, ceramic tile, metal, glass and more... in any combination and in any design. Waterjet design should be thought of as "creating a large-scale jig-saw puzzle out of the world's most aesthetic and exotic materials."

In the last four years, Creative Edge has increased its business over 300%. This is due to a strong pursuit of excellence, visionary leadership, non-compromising work ethic and design capabilities that are, immodestly, without equal. In the words of CEC president, Jim Belilove, "We have worked hard to get to this leadership position... and we intend to stay here. We will accomplish this via listening to our customers, and continually giving them the highest quality combined with the best service available."