Granite Conveys Grandeur at the

Federal Reserve Bank In Minneapolis

Mega project presents many challenges

Dimensional Stone - June 15, 1998

Granite Federal Reserve Plaza Minneapolis

The plaza in front of the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis is a sea of granite with eight different varieties utilized in the project.

The stone was sealed by SCI.

The Federal Reserve System has been a backbone of this country and the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis now has a plaza outside its facility which reflects the position it holds.■

The Federal Reserve 'Bank in Minneapolis, Minn., is part of the nation's highest financial institution. As befits its position, the recent plaza installation outside the facility is a sea of granite. The rock, with the appearance of permanency, lends its image to a permanent institution.

The focus of the plaza is a map of the various historic areas in Minneapolis. These historic areas are denoted by etched bronze plaque inserts (There are 12 of them.) that are placed on the granite floor. A total of eight different granites are used on the site for various decorative purposes and within the map to indicate different areas of the city.

The medallion shape, which demarcates the map, is 28 feet in diameter, and the project is made from flamed granites, eight of them, in various thicknesses up to 4 inches.

The pieces for the map were pre-assembled in the facility of Creative Edge Corp., which used its waterjet cutting machines to make the various sized and shaped units, into easily installable units using Laticrete International epoxy materials.

The installation, which was done in a severe freeze/thaw environment, was undertaken by Rheinschmidt Tile & Marble. The stones used in the project include Imperial white granite, Dakota Mahogany, and rosso porrino. A 1/16-inch grout joint was used, which is very small when considering the size of the granite used, points out Larry Rheinschmidt, Jr., whose company handled the installation.