Fairfield Firm Constructs Ottumwa War Memorial

Fairfield (IA) Ledger - Friday, June 5, 1992

By MARNI MELLEN, Ledger staff writer


VETERANS MEMORIAL — Creative Edge of Fairfield is producing this granite memorial to war veterans, which will be installed in the Greater Ottumwa Park and dedicated July 4. The memorial project was initiated by the Desert Storm support group in Ottumwa.


A stainless steel eagle will be mounted as a relief over the flag inlay, and the eagle also will be inlaid with marble.

As the project grew in scale in Ottumwa, the Ottumwa Desert Storm support group enlisted the help of other organizations. Members of the VFW, the American Legion and the Sons of Legion have been involved.

Fund raising with everything from food sales to rummage sales has been in progress since the end of the Persian Gulf crisis, Linda Mulcahy said.

Creative Edge representative Terry Cavanaugh said the company was pleased to have a project in the Fairfield area to show clients. The closest work in inlaid granite and marble is a wall relief of the crest of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.

Off the drawing board and soon headed for cutting is a huge curved sculpture depicting half a globe of the world for the Denver airport. The geography all will be in true-to-life colors, Alto said.

Another project is an expansive mural for the Granite Marble World Trade headquarters in Chicago. The mural will depict the Chicago skyline in a variety of granite and marble colors, interspersed with glass and mirrored surfaces.■



Red, white and blue granite will be inserted in granite slabs to create a picture of the American flag. Some of the stainless steel lettering also will be inserted, while some lettering is superimposed.

Intricate artwork will be cut into the slabs, including a sketch of servicemen in action etched in stainless steel. There will be the detailed crests of all the U.S. military branches of service set into the granite of the middle, dominant slab.

The complex work is in progress at Creative Edge, 601 S. 23rd St., which now claims to be the largest specialist in water jet cutting in the country.

Among current projects is a granite memorial to war veterans for Ottumwa, designed and executed by the company that uses computer-controlled abrasive waterjet technology to cut intricate detail into virtually any kind of hard material.

Memorials are a natural for the company, which does much of its work in granite and marble. Creative Edge had a big hand in the memorial to deceased astronauts at the Kennedy Space Center. The memorial for Ot­tumwa will be installed in the Greater Ottumwa Park, with the dedication set for July 4.

The project was begun by the Ottumwa support group of Desert Storm, now spearheaded by Steve and Linda Mulcahy. The group wanted to do something for the veterans of Desert Storm. Thinking expanded to include all veterans.

The Creative Edge design features four 6-foot high, 6-inch thick slabs of solid Vermont granite flanking a center slab that is 7 feet tall. The slabs fan out to edge a portion of what will be a circular walkway.

The plan calls eventually for the installation of several benches around the walk, according to Harri Alto, -design artist at Creative Edge. In the center of the circle is an existing flagpole.

The four smaller slabs are designed to recognize World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm. The center slab will have the colorful flag of inlaid granite and marble and crests of the branches of service.