Metrodome Project Next for Local Firm

The Fairfield ledger - Monday, October 30, 1995


Edna Rambo, head water-jet operator, and Shawn Skillman

Big SPORT - Edna Rambo, head water-jet operator, and Shawn Skillman, head of the finishing department at Creative Edge Corp., are dwarfed by one of the steel sports figures created for the Metrodome at Minneapolis.

Aalto is drawing on the location for a mural of Mount Rushmore 16 feet in diameter that will be embedded in the center of the lobby floor. The floor itself will be of fine stones, mostly in earth tones, from throughout the world, including meda1lions in rare yellow.

The mural includes deep blue bahia, a semi-precious stone from Brazil. Thousands of pieces of stone will go into its production, Aalto said.

Tables in the restaurant area will be inlaid with murals, and a mosaic of fish will swim in the tiles of the swimming pool.■


Creative Edge has 20 or so 20-foot-tall sports figures lying around the plant that are destined to be showpieces at the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

The figures depict various sports, from football to roller-blading. There even is a guitar player.

The concept for the figures came from a Minneapolis architect whose job is to enhance the grounds of the Metrodome. Creative Edge was selected as fabricator of the figures, which are precision-cut from 3/4-inch steel with a mottled bronze patina.

Three of the figures are designed with bases to be set in cement so the figures are freestanding on the grounds. Twelve will go around the entrance to the sports arena.

Additional large figures are uniquely engineered to rotate in pairs. They will serve as revolving gates with four gales of baseball figures and four of football players.

The largest work is in reverse, with the figures of a baseball and football player cut out. Creative Edge president Jim Belilove said the configuration weighs "a couple thousand" pounds.

They'll be mounted on posts 30 feet in the air "and be seen for miles," Belilove said. The 20-foot individual figures weigh about 1,100 pounds each.

Meanwhile, as the Metrodome project is readied for shipping, Creative Edge artist Harri Aalto is finishing his sketches for a major hotel-remodeling project at Rapid City, S.D., in the Mount Rushmore area.

The former Hilton hotel now is a Radisson. Creative Edge has the contract for 8 total projects, from concept and design to installation.