Concept Approved For Veterans' Monument

The Fairfield Ledger - June 29, 2004


veterans' monument concept sketch

Whitney and the Rev. Richard Wallarab attended Monday's meeting of the board of supervisors to present the design. They have been working with Harry Aalto of Creative Edge.

Whitney said the next step is to figure out exactly what size the monument will be — the initial estimate is about 6 feet tall — and figure out how much it will cost.

"If we can get our ducks in a row, it'd be nice to start fund raising in August," he said.■

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors Monday approved a tentative design for a veterans' monument to be located on the southwest corner of the court­house lawn.

The monument would include seven upright granite slabs arranged in a semicircle. The center slab would read, "Dedicated to all veterans of Jefferson County who faithfully served in times of war and peace." Five of the six other slabs would be engraved with the emblems of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces. The sixth would honor prisoners of war and those miss­ing in action.

Kent Whitney of Whitney Monument Works said the slabs would be made out of Dakota mahogany granite, the same kind of stone that was used in the Heritage Courtyard sign at the intersection of Second Street and Burlington Avenue.

At the center of the semicircle, mounted at an angle, would be a plaque engraved with a picture of three eagles in flight. The picture would be carved out of stainless steel by Creative Edge and inset with granite in a variety of brown shades.

"What we're wanting to do is really complement the architecture and color of the courthouse," Whitney said. "We don't want to clash with it."

The monument would be erected on some kind of plaza, possibly made out of stamped concrete, Whitney said.