"The Long Green Wave Near Houston..."

1,350 Ft. "Wave" of Marble & Limestone Adds Cool Mood to New Woodland Mall

Tile Industry News - March/April 1995

marble and limestone mall floor pattern

Down in Texas, where everything has to be bigger and better, Rheinschmidt Contracting Co., tile contractors of Burlington, Iowa, recently completed installing over 160,000 sq. ft. of French marble and limestone on the floors and 30,000 sq. ft. more on the vertical surfaces in the new Woodlands Mall outside Houston.

Thai's just a statistic to this mall, though. What makes it really one-of-a-kind is n spectacular green "wave'* of marble and limestone that gently flows from one end of the mall to the other— almost 1,350’ in length - the longest tile wave in the world! Its width ranges from 2' to 20' and its radii go from 36-220 feet.

To top that off, there's also a blue "tile" river flowing 270 ft on the same mall floor made from panes of plate glass: two panes of 1/4" glass were laminated together with a blue laminate for the water-look and then tempered and cut to 1'x3' before being installed with thin-set. A total of 93 laminated panels were cut and set.

Another point of interest: the "wave" set a new record for water-jet cutting. Waterjet cutting was chosen by Rheinschmidt because it permitted far greater accuracy and precision for the curving patterns. The cutting was done by Creative Edge of Fairfield, Iowa, and cut panels then shipped to Texas.

Architect on the job was ELS/Elbasani & Logan, Berkeley, CA: Owner-developer was Homart: general contractor was Hardin Construction, Atlanta.

Specialists in shopping centers, representing 90% of their business, Rheinschmidt has done the tile contracting on more than 110 malls over the past 10 years.■