Water-Jet Stone Cutting

Visual Merchandising and Store Design - August, 1994

stone medallion with metal implant

In the past two years, Harri Aalto of Creative Edge, a pioneer in water-jet technology, has seen a ten-fold increase in the quantity of water-cut stone signage. “You can use a hand saw or laser for metal, but if you want to cut intricate shapes to close tolerance in stone, you have no oilier option," says Aalto. "If you're cutting a 2-inch Times Roman letter to inlay into a 3/4-inch-thick slab of stone, this is the only economical way. It's within (plus or minus) .02-inch tolerance and it's repeatable."

Steel Art is another fabricator of signage using Kent, Wash.-based Flow International Corp.'s PaserTM abrasive water-jet. The sign is for a division of Tiffany's in New York City, identifying the address on the exterior of the building.■