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Spectacular Resort Designs

Transforming a floor plan into a work of art is an incredible service from Creative Edge which was discussed in depth last month.Often the impact of a spectacular floor design can be key in creating a unique signature for an upscale property. Classic Medallions The Capri Medallion’s classic look is from Creative Edge’s Signature Series….

Reviving the St. Louis Muny

This project was a real treat for us.  The St. Louis Muny, the oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre in the US, is the home of one of our favorite terrazzo projects. With Missouri Terrazzo heading up the job, we helped to recreate the box office’s approximately 20′x30′ terrazzo floor, which had been damaged by burst…

New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)

New Jersey Performing Arts Center of Newark has been a vibrant arts venue for over 100 years. In 2009, major renovation was undertaken to enhance and modernize this facility as part of an urban revitalization of downtown Newark, NJ. Architect David Karp of the Barton Myers Associates from Los Angeles developed specifications and detailing of the main…