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A color palette for terrazzo along with different formulations can be found here. It is possible to create virtually any color with terrazzo. However you should bear in mind that terrazzo is a natural product of marble so it should be expected to see some slight variations in color and shape for the final terrazzo floor.

Our role with terrazzo

Creative Edge Master Shop works with both the contractor and the end client during the terrazzo flooring process. What makes Creative Edge a leader in terrazzo is that we have the technology and capability to achieve unprecedented detail, accuracy and design possibilities through our waterjet cutting. Without going too much into technical detail terrazzo designs eventually required to buyers which are separated by sink strips. Terrazzo flooring contractors trust us to achieve the best designs and accuracy for their commercial projects. Whether or not you are the end client (airport, stadium, etc.) or the terrazzo contractor installing the terrazzo we work with both parties.

Special note to Terrazzo contractors…

You can trust Creative Edge Master Shop as your partner for creating the most detailed accurate designs possible. We are also famous for our cutting-edge new design ideas and techniques. We strongly believe we can blow your mind with design possibilities you might have thought could not exist.

Special note to terrazzo end users…

If you are the airport, religious institution, casino, stadium, etc. we will lighten your load and ensure your terrazzo projects success. We have a wealth of the highest regarded in most professional Terrazzo contractors in our network. We can assure you by finding us you are one step closer to a successful terrazzo flooring installation.

Who should you contact for your terrazzo?

If you are a Terrazzo contractor you came to the right place. Adversely, If you are the end user and need a terrazzo contractor you also came to the right place. We assist both sides so you should contact us. For your terrazzo floors installation we put you in touch with the contractor, we assist contractors with the design and the end-user to ensure job gets done and is being installed by the right professional.

What is the next step for your terrazzo?

If you are seriously considering terrazzo floors and need a contractor or if you are the contractor installing the job in need to design then contact us now. You can use the quick e-mail form for terrazzo on this page or you may call us toll-free at 1-888-383-2112. One of our skilled terrazzo experts will answer your questions, get all the details and help you put together a solid game plan so you can get the ball rolling on this.